magic attribution

measure, optimise and predict.

the sauce

data synchronisation.

Magic taps into dozens of data sources, in combination with Magic's proprietary algorithms, to offer a full-service attribution and predictive analytics model that allows customers to:

  • Develop a single-customer-view.

  • Identify complete user-journeys.

  • Attribute the performance of non-digital channels.

  • Predict future marketing outcomes.


Media Server Data

Magic Data


Non-digital data


Social Data

empower the upper funnel.

By implementing Magic Attribution, clients have been able to more closely align their media to wider company objectives. This has allowed marketing teams to:

  • Have more visibility about how channels perform.

  • Actualise how users interact with all media placements.

  • See the true value of typically unmeasurable mediums in TV and out-of-home.

  • View what would've happened to bottom lines had a channel or placement not run.

  • Utilise Magic to formulate more accurate future channel planning.


the impact

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