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Our Methodology
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magic method{ology}

The collision of mathematics and media.

Through our proprietary tools and approach we are not only able to separate brands from their competitors, but increase the likelihood of customers engaging at the top of the funnel, and coerce conversion at the bottom.

We conduct a detailed and specific diagnosis of existing business data and performance, mapping entire datasets across online + offline sales data, in-platform metrics, CRM and third-party collections.
We translate the learnings from diagnosis into custom, actionable and precise digital strategies that align to the defined objectives. Cross-discplinary teams do the doing, with no hour wasted.
Performance isn’t subjective; it is defined. Magic Attribution ensures that media dollars are being placed efficiently and that performance is measured against CRM outcomes, not what's reported in platform.
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from madmen to mathmen™

Machine learning.

Get your marketing to tap into the real mechanic behind decision making - psychographics. Using Magic’s proprietary machine learning audience finder, Alchemi ™, pivot your media buying to target psychographics, not just demographics. Transforming campaigns, across the entire funnel, from broad and generic to specific and targeted.

Magic's Psychographic Marketing
Using Alchemi ™, Magic is able to identify and place Australians across the Big 5 Personality Types; measured by deciphering the micro-moments of users across a number of social and interactive platforms.
Creative is briefed and developed against the hypersegmented tangibles, mapping and linking language, tone and visuals back to the profile of the user-group to increase likelihood of engagement and conversion.
Customer behaviour and sentiment towards varying ad-types is monitored in real time. Continual tweaking and correction of high performing ads and segments is done to increase strength of coercion.
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magic attribution

Measure, optimise,

Magic Attribution is a non-invasive approach that taps into dozens of data sources to enable businesses to measure the real impact of their marketing across both digital and traditional media.

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Develop a single-customer-view
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Identify complete user-journeys
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Attribute the performance of non-digital channels
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Predict future marketing outcomes
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