magic methodology

philosophy that dictates the method.

the method

structured innovation.

Behavioural Analysis

Target segments are established & analysed to determine who they are, how they behave & what makes them tick. 

Intepret & Target

Using Magic's data-sets, ads are curated to appeal to the customer's traits, increasing likelihood of action.

Magic Attribution

Magic Attribution analyses, in real-time, the performance of activity, allowing for on-the-fly optimisation. Online and offline marketing is measured in its entirety. 

The norm today is clouded by agencies promising the director and delivering a junior, conveying empathy but padding agency pockets and talking transparency but spending through under the table agreements.

To interrupt this norm, we need to revisit how we buy media and how we attribute its success.

what inspired this?


our values

promises we keep.

Whilst expertise, precision and empathy lie at the core of everything we do, our promise extends beyond data science and media.

Strategy led

Allegiance to outcome, not channel.

Retainer based, not % of media.

Collaborative, always.

Entirely transparent

No under the table agreements.

Rebates passed through.

In-platform logins.

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