1. the collision of data science and media.
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From madmen to mathmen.

Magic’s science-first approach acts as the catalyst for creative problem solving and thinking.

Through our machine-learning AI Alchemi ™, Magic has engineered a strategic skillset that uses scientific examination to approach simple and complex marketing objectives.

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Data Science
Magic uses data science to collect, collate and analyse user behaviour to bring more certainty and solidity to marketing campaigns.
Performance is relative. The Magic Process and Method delivers quantifiable measurement of media efficiency and performance.
Media is only as good as its attribution. With Magic Attribution, media is optimised against CRM outcomes; not in-platform metrics.
Our Philosophy
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Solving problems
with data science.

We’re channel experts across paid and organic search, social media and cross-channel data modelling.

We build, optimise and justify on the back of scientific principles, data and quantatitive reasoning.

Magic is built upon those who push the scientific process, use data to persuade and never underestimate the granular. Magic is glued together by a cross-skilled team of experts and aspirers, from media-wizards, to data scientists and psychologists.

Talent and experience

Applying logic and lessons from a broad range of verticals.

Diversity fuels innovation.

And it’s through our brand experience that has allowed us to grow.
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