1. the collision of mathematics and media.


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From madmen to mathmen.

Magic is a digital lab that combines the powers of complex mathematics with a cutting edge digital marketing approach. Utilising our own proprietary media-science methodology to address and solve profound marketing challenges, we enable brands to find the root-cause of user behaviour, not just the outcome.

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Magic leans into our own in-house mathematicians to build the data-origins for brands of all shapes and sizes; the precursor to any successful analysis.
Data Science
Magic's data science teams digest and interpret contextual data points into marketing outcomes that can be actioned and used by marketing teams.
Once our mathematics is proven, and our data-connectors are established, Magic applies minute-by-minute optimisations to campaigns, at scale.
Our Philosophy
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Solving problems
with mathematics.

We believe that those best equipped to manage millions of rows of BigData, disparate datasets and ever-complex publisher algorithms, the core fundamentals of any modern-day advertising platform, are those with backgrounds in data science and mathematics, not marketing suits or platform representatives.

Magic develops cutting-edge approaches to a broad number of marketing and business challenges; be it across media amplification, data interpretation, warehousing, attribution or CRM.

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Talent and experience

Applying logic and lessons from a broad range of verticals.

Diversity fuels innovation.

And it’s through our brand experience that has allowed us to grow.
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